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Generate Cached Data in Results Analytics

When using live data for your reports in Results Analytics, the system is required to aggregrate/disaggreate the data that applies to the selected report settings at the time you generate the report. Although, there is no issues with using this option (it is the default), it can take longer to generate reports that include large data sets.

Using cached data for your reports in Results Analytics allows the system to generate reports based on previously aggregated/disaggreated data (the data saved in your cache). Therefore, reports containing large data sets will generate much more quickly than if the same report was run using live data.

Step 1: Access Results Analytics

1. Click on the main Menu.

2. Select Reporting.

3. Select Results Analytics.

Step 2: Select Cached Data Settings

4. Use the basic or the Advanced Filters options to select the settings for your cached data.

Step 3: Generate Cache from Settings

5. Click the Regenerate Cache from Settings button.