Run a Diversity Report

Diversity Reporting allows an Administrator to compare a specific candidate or an entire department/group to a state average in terms of diversity exposure. The report can be run on the candidate and/or school's home state, or an away state.

Diversity reports will display the most recent diversity statistics available through the National Centre for Education Statistics. Therefore, comparisons with older placements may not reflect the diversity data present at the time of the placement.

Diversity Reports may only be run on confirmed placements. Pre-assigned unconfirmed placements will not be included in the report.

Step 1: Access Placements

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Experiential Learning.

Step 2: Select Report Type

3. Select the type of report that you would like to run. The two types of reports are:

Summary Report: Diversity data is aggregated across placements within selected time range for one individual candidate or department/group.

Detailed Report: Diversity data is broken out by candidate and by placement within selected time range and department/group for all candidates.

Summary Report

Select Report Parameters and Generate Report

4. Select the Candidate or the Department/Group.

5. Select the State for Comparison Average.

6. Select the Date Range.

7. Click on the Generate Report button.

View the Report

Step 3: View the Report

The report will be broken down into two sections. The first section is the Diversity Report for the student or the department/group. A portion of this report can be viewed in a bar chart (default) or radar chart. Either way, it can be downloaded as a PDF.

The second part of the report displays the diversity breakdown.

Detailed Report

4. Select the Department/Group.

5. Select the Date Range.

6. Click on the Generate Report button.

A detailed report containing each Placement within the department/group and time frame will appear in the table. The table will include all diversity statistics and contains options to copy, export as CSV, and print.