Copying Contacts between Contact Lists

Step 1: Access Contact List Manager

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Contact List Manager.

Step 2: Copying Contacts

Drag and Drop Method (Single Contact)

3. Select the contact list that contains the user that you would like to copy.

4. Drag and Drop the contact that you would like to copy onto the list that you would like to place them in ("Accreditation" in the example above).

5. The contact that you had dragged and dropped will then appear in the new contact list.

Import Contacts Method (In Bulk)

3. Select the Import Contacts option at the top right-hand corner of the Contact List Management page.

4. Select the Contact List Type (Personal or Departmental), and then the specific Contact List to which you would like to import your users.

5. Select the desired delimiter. If you copying from Excel, use Tab.

6. Paste your contact's information (First Name,Last Name,Email Address) into the Paste Your List section.

7. Click the Identify Columns button.

8. Select the Column Headers that correspond to your contacts' account information.

9. Click the Validate button.

10. Click the Finished. Import My Data button

As these contacts will already exist in your site, you will receive error messages stating that the email addresses that you have provided are already associated with an account on file, however these errors will not prevent you from moving these contacts between your contact lists.

11. Click the Choose Existing option listed to the right of each of your contacts.

12. Click on the contact's name.

The contact will then be added to the new contact list.