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Check to See if a Code Has Been Used

If a student has purchased an Individual Registration Code for registering or renewing their account, they may get an error indicating that the code is invalid. This can occur for one of a few reasons:

The student is attempting to register or renew their account on an incorrect Anthology Portfolio site.
If the student is on your Anthology Portfolio site, they should see your institution's logo at the top of the screen. If not, they should navigate to and enter the correct institution name to locate the correct Anthology Portfolio site.

The student was given an incorrect code type.
If a student is looking to create a new account, they must use a registration code. If they are looking to renew an expired account, they must use a renewal code. Occasionally, a student may be given or purchase the wrong type of code. If so, please have the student contact Anthology Portfolio Support so that we may adjust the code type to enable its use.

The code is already in use.
Student was given a code that had already been given to another student and is therefore already in use.

There is a typo in the code.
It is possible that the code has a typo or missing/extra characters. Most commonly, "I"s are replaced with "1"s, "O"s are replaced with "0"s (and vice versa).

The first step in determining which of these issues may be causing the issue, thereby enabling you to help the student, is to locate the code.

Step 1: Access the Codes Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Users & Groups.

3. Select Codes.

Step 2: Search for the Code

Scroll to the bottom of the Codes screen to view the Individual Registration Codes table. This table will contain all of the different durations and types of codes in your site.

4. Enter the code in the Find Code field.

5. Click on the Search button.

The table will update to display only the code duration/type which contains the individual code for which you are searching.

6. Use the Actions menu to select Show Table.

A "No Codes Located" Message Appeared... What Does That Mean?

If a 'No Codes Located' message appears, this means that the code entered in the 'Find Code' field does not match any Individual Registration Code in your system. This could indicate that the code does not exist or that there is a spelling mistake, or missing or extra characters.  

Tips for resolving this issue:

  • Check the number of characters in the code. Anthology Portfolio codes consist of eleven characters.
  • Replace "O"s with "0"s, "I"s with "1"s and vice versa. Do this for any letter or number that has a similar-looking number or letter.
  • Enter the first three characters of the code into the 'Find Code' field and search again - do these characters return any results?

Step 3: Locate the Code

7. Use the Search bar to enter the code. As you type, the table will update to reveal only the code in question.

If you suspected that the code contained a mistake or missing or extra character(s), you may have searched for only some of the characters rather than the entire code. If this was the case, enter each character into the 'Search' field individually. This should allow you to see all possible matches and determine if the correct code exists.

If the code is already in use, the user's information will populate the Name, Activated, and Expiry columns. If the code is not in use, the Name, Activated, and Expiry columns will not contain any information.