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2. (Option B) Bulk Create Placements from a Template

Creating a Placement from a Template has always been an effective way to maximize your time. With the addition of the bulk creation method, however, you can create Placements even faster.

Simply Create a Placement Template and then use it to create Placements for multiple candidates at once. You can set up assessments and forms beforehand, and then edit each Placement on a singular basis if they require something unique.

Did you know?

Templates can be limiting if you are creating multiple Placements from a template that do not have 100% common information, such as location. Additionally, there are fields that cannot be entered into a template, such as start and end dates. Combining the use of a template with bulk-importing Placements can drastically improve your work-flow and save you time.

Our bulk-importer allows for more information to be included up-front but was limiting in the past because users could not import planned assessments or surveys. Now that users can reference a template for each Placement that they import, the template's planned assessments and surveys will be applied to the imported Placement with which the template is associated.

It is recommended that you use the Placements Templates feature to create planned assessments or surveys for Placements, but use the importer to import each individual placement. This will prevent the Administrator from having to access each Placement individually to enter specific information.

Step 1: Access Placements

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Experiential Learning.

Step 2: Bulk Create Placements

Step 2: Bulk Create Placements

On the Experiential Learning screen:

3. Click on the Templates tab.

Under the Templates tab:

4. Locate the template that you would like to use to bulk create placements. Click anywhere on its row and select Bulk Create Placements.

Step 3: Select Candidates

Step 3: Select Candidates

5. In the Sources column, select the Department/Group that contains the candidates.

6. Either select the users and click the Add Selected/Add All button or Drag-and-Drop each user into the third column.

7. Click Done.

Step 4: Creation Confirmation

Step 4: Creation Confirmation

8. A confirmation message will appear in green to indicate that the Placements have been created.

Step 5: View and/or Edit Placements

Step 5: View and/or Edit Field Placements

On the Experiential Learning screen:

9. Click on the Placements tab.

Under the Placements tab:

10. All of the newly created placements will appear in a table. You can click on any of the placements to View, Download Roll-Up, Edit, Duplicate, or Cancel. If the Placement is missing any information (such as an Institutional Advisor or Stakeholder) or required additional Assessments or Forms, you will select Edit.