Notification Templates

Notifications allow the Anthology Portfolio system to communicate important information to users via email and/or system messages. Each system action that produces a notification has its own template which can be customized by an administrator to suit the needs of the institution. Notification actions include, but are not limited to: work to assess, completed assessment, request for a new password, survey to complete, etc.

Step 1: Access Notification Templates

Step 1: Access Notification Templates

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select System.

3. Select Notification Templates.

Step 2: Select Desired Notification Template

Step 2: Select and Edit Notification Template

4. Using the Template drop-down menu, select the template that you would like to edit. Once you have selected a template, the other options on the screen will change based on your selection.

After selecting the desired template, a description will be provided to indicate which action triggers that specific notification.

Step 3: Edit Notification Template


5. Select the Message Type. This dictates how the Anthology Portfolio users will receive this notification.

6. Edit the Notification Template's Subject.

7. Edit the Notification Template's Content/Body.

8. Click Save.

Available Tags

Available Tags

NOTE: Use the Available Tags section at the bottom of the Notification Templates page. The tags will enable you to enter where you would like, for example, a User ID to appear, without having to actually add a User ID each time a notification needs to be sent.