Tag Management

Tags, similar to hashtags on social websites, allow you to categorize nearly any item in your Anthology Portfolio account so that you can easily locate it later on. The Tag Management feature enables you to create new tags, manage existing tags, and manage who may use this feature.

Tags can be added to Outcomes, Assessment Instrument Criteria, Tables of Contents Sections, Assessments, Portfolio content and Placements. 

Step 1: Access Tag Management

Step 1: Access Tag Management

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select the System menu.

3. Select Tag Management.

Step 2: Manage Tags & Options

4. Select the level of access to Tagging that you would like to provide to Assessors:

  • No Tagging: Assessors will not be able to access tagging.
  • Assessors See All Submissions and Assessment Tags: Assessors are able to see and use tags that have been entered or used by anyone in your Anthology Portfolio site.
  • Assessors See Only Tags Added by Assessors: Assessors are able to see and use tags that have been entered or used by other Assessors.

5. Select whether or not Students may see and use Tagging.

6. Review and manage Existing Tags. Each tag will have the option to Rename and Delete. Tags may be deleted even if they are in use.

6. Bulk Import new tags into your Anthology Portfolio site. You may use the bulk importer to import one or more tags at a time.

Importing tags is especially useful if Assessors will be using this feature. This will ensure that appropriate tags are being selected in your Anthology Portfolio site, rather than new/incorrect tags being entered and requiring management later.