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Create Journal Template(s) for Hours Tracking

The Placement feature allows candidates to track their hours using a Journal Template. You will need to create this hour-tracking journal template before setting up the placement.

Step 1: Access Forms

Step 1: Access Forms

1. Click on the Main Menu.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Forms.

Step 2: Create New Form

Step 2: Create New Form

4. Click on the Create New Form button.

5. Enter a Name for the form.

6. Use the Type drop-down menu to select Journal Template.

7. Optionally select the form's Group. This can also be done later in the Form Settings.

The default is for the form to be "Unassigned", which means that it will be available to all groups/departments. To select a specific group/department, deselect the "Unassigned" option to reveal a group/department picker.

Step 3: Enter Form Question(s)

Step 3: Enter Form Question(s)

You can add any types of questions to the form. If you would like to track hours, however, you must select the "Hours" question type.

8. Use the Add Question drop-down menu to select Hours.

9. Enter text for the Question field. This is what students will see in the journal when looking to complete this question.

You can optionally enter "Help Text" for the students. This information will appear in highlighted text under the question.

10. Enter a Minimum and Maximum number of hours. This will determine what is an acceptable range of hours for the students to be entering.

Consider whether you will require students to track their hours on a daily, weekly or monthly basis before selecting the range. You can also leave these option blank.

11. Select your Aggregate in Journals option. If you will require candidates to create an entry for each day, week or month (i.e. they will create more than one entry per placement), you will want to select Total; This will allow the system to total the number of hours entered across all journal entries for the placement.

12. If you are using the Knowledge Area feature, select one using the drop-down menu.

13. Optionally select the Required option. This will force the students to make an entry for this question, eliminating the possibility that they will leave it blank.

14. Click Done.

If you've included a "Supervisor Signoff" question in the form, the candidate's supervisor(s) will be their only options for selection when choosing the supervisor. Ensure that you have added all of your supervisors to Anthology Portfolio as faculty or as guests prior to sending the Placements.

Once a Supervisor has signed-off on a Candidate's journal entry, the student MAY NOT return to edit the journal entry, nor can it be deleted by an Administrator.

Step 5: Distribute Form

Step 5: Distribute Form

15. Click on the Form Settings tab.

16. Select Students as the Eligible User Type.

17. Select Active under Distribution Settings.

18. If you did not select a group/department for the form upon creation, do so now by deselecting the "Unassigned" option and choosing your group/department from the resulting picker.

19. Click Save Settings.