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Converting a Guest to an Assessor

As Guest contacts cannot be fully removed from the Anthology Portfolio system, there are cases where you may need to convert a guest contact within your system to a full assessor account. As email addresses do need to be unique within Anthology Portfolio, this document will provide you with the steps to remove this email address from your guest contact so that the email address may be used in their full assessor account.

Step 1: Access Users

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Users & Groups

3. Select Users

Step 2: Locating & Editing your Guest Contact

4. Select Guest in the box provided under "Filter by Permissions Group(s)"

5. Enter your guest's name in the Optional Search Term box

6. Click Find Users

7. Click on your guest's name and then select Edit User

8. Edit the email address associated with your guest contact

In this step, you can simply change the user's email address into a placeholder email address. In the example above, [email protected] could be changed to [email protected] or [email protected]

Now that you have made this assessors email address available for their full assessor account, you can follow the steps provided in our Bulk Add New Users support documentation to go about creating this assessor's account.