View Candidate-Advisor Pairings

An Institutional Advisor is a faculty member paired with a given Candidate who helps oversee and contribute to Placements. The Institutional Advisor can track progress, review proposals, perform Assessment and complete Surveys.

Candidates may only have one Institutional Advisor in the system, but faculty can act as an Institutional Advisor to as many candidates as required.

Step 1: Access Placements

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Experiential Learning.

Step 2: View Candidate-Advisor Pairings

Step 2: View Candidate-Advisor Pairings

On the Experiential Learning screen:

3. Click on the Advisors tab.

On the Institutional Advisor Pairings tab:

4. Select the Group/Department that contains the user(s) that you are searching for.

5. Click on the Show Candidate/Advisor Pairings button.

All users will appear in a table, regardless of whether they have an Institutional Advisor paired with them.

6. Any paired Institutional Advisor will appear in the Institutional Advisor column, in the same row as the student that they are paired with.

7. You can optionally Update or Clear a pairing from this screen. If you would like to learn more about bulk-creating pairings, please visit our Create Candidate-Institutional Advisor Pairings help page.

What Will Happen if I Edit/Change the Institutional Advisor?

It is certainly possible to change a Candidate's Institutional Advisor. If you update the user, the following changes will happen based on the scenario:

If the Candidate has finished/completed Placements:

The Placement will show the name of the Institutional Advisor who was associated with the Placement when it happened. If any assessments or surveys were completed by the Institutional Advisor, they will still appear as the Assessor/Respondent.

If the Candidate has a Placement that has not yet begun:

The Placement will update to include the new Institutional Advisor and will not include the old Institutional Advisor. Any planned assessments or surveys will be sent to the new Institutional Advisor.

If the Candidate has a Placement in progress:

If there are planned assessments and/or surveys assigned to the Institutional Advisor that have not yet been sent, the new Institutional Advisor will recieve them.

If there are planned assessments and/or surveys assigned to the Institutional Advisor that have already been sent, the updated Institutional Advisor will be added to the Placement as a Stakeholder. Any planned assessments and/or surveys that are assigned to the old Institutional Advisor will be duplicated. The duplicates will be assigned to the new Stakeholder. Both users may complete the assigned planned assessments and/or surveys.