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Hide an Unused Bulk Registration Code

As an Administrator, you may find that your Bulk Registration Codes are becoming unmanageable if you have purchased new codes rather than applying a balance to an existing code. If you have unused Bulk Registration Codes with a 0 balance, you may hide them from the screen so that they do not clutter your active codes.

Step 1: Access the Codes Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Users & Groups.

3. Select Codes.

Step 2: Hide a Unused Code(s)

4. Locate the code(s) with a balance of 0 that you would like to hide.

5. Click on the code to reveal its options and select Hide.

6. A confirmation message will appear to confirm that the code has been hidden.

Step 3: Show Hidden Codes

If you have hidden codes in the past and would like to view the hidden codes,

7. Select the Show Hidden Codes option.