The Uploading feature in your Anthology Portfolio site is where Administrators can edit the default list of acceptable file types, as well as set individual upload limits.

Step 1: Access Uploading

Step 1: Access Uploading

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select System.

3. Select Uploading.

Step 2: Adjust Uploading Options

Step 2: Adjust Uploading Options

4. User Maximum: This is the uploading limit for each individual Anthology Portfolio user.

NOTE: This is a setting implemented by Anthology Portfolio, and is not editable.

5. Individual Upload Limit: This is the uploading limit for each instance of uploading. (i.e. The user may not upload more than ___mb at once). This can be changed by an Administrator.

6. Add New Upload Extension: Use this button to add a new file type to your list of accepted file types.

NOTE: Do not place a period (.) before the extension acronym.

7. Use the Edit, or Delete links associated with each file type to edit or delete the file type.

If you have made any changes, be sure to click the Save button.

NOTE: When considering new file types to be added to the Extensions Allowed for Uploaded Files, ensure that the file type is common enough that assessors will not experience issues when attempting to open the files. Rare file types that require special software to open are not recommended in most situations.