Manage Placement Locations

The "Locations Lookup" tab allows you to manage existing and newly added locations from one screen. Search by name, school type, student-to-teacher ration, number of students and define a radius when searching nearby.

Step 1: Access Placements

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Experiential Learning.

Step 2: Access Locations Lookup

Step 2: Access Locations Lookup

On the Experiential Learning screen,

3. Click on the Locations Lookup tab.

Step 3: Allow or Disallow Location Services

Step 3: Allow or Disallow Location Services

Your browser will prompt you to select whether or not Anthology Portfolio can use your location.

4. Select either Don't Allow or Allow.

NOTE: If you do not allow Anthology Portfolio to use your location, you will need to enter a different location in the next step.

Step 4: Search by Location

Profile's Address, Another Address

Profile's Address, Another Address

If you would like to use a location other than your current one,

5. Click on the Where I'm Located button to drop-down other location options.

6. Search for locations based on your Profile's Address. If you do not have an addressed enter, you may enter the information here and click on the Update My Profile button.

7. Search for locations using Another Location. Simply enter the Address or Zip/Postal Code and click on the Update button.

In order to use your current/browser-detected location, you must have allowed the browser to use location services in the previous step.

8. Enter the information for the school that you are searching for. In the Search Radius drop-down, select the radius that will work best with whichever location method you have already selected.

9. Click on the Find Nearest Locations button.

A map will appear to display the locations available within your search parameters. A table will appear below the map with a list of the locations.

10. Click on the location that you would like to review and click anywhere on its row to reveal its options. Select View or Edit.

Step 5: Alternatively Search for Location by State/Province

If you were unable to find your location based on your current location, profile's address, or another location, you may look up locations by state/province and name.

11. Use the State/Province drop-down menu to select the appropriate state or province.

12. Begin typin the name of the location. As you type, matches will appear. Click on the correct match to select it.

Once you have selected the location, a pop-up window will appear with its details. You may edit the placement by clicking on the Edit Location button.