Edit Form Type

Different form types are handled differently by the CWPro system, especially when it comes to distribution options. If you have selected the wrong form type and would like to change it, you needn't recreate the entire form. Follow the steps below for instructions on changing the type on an existing form.

Step 1: Access the Forms Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Forms.

Step 2: Edit the Form

4. Locate the form with the incorrect "type" and click on it to reveal its options. Select Edit.

The Edit Form screen will display the form type and form name above any of the questions included in the form.

5. Hover your cursor over the type/name header to reveal an Edit button. Click Edit.

Editing this header will allow you to change the form name and form type.

6. Use the Type drop-down menu to select the new form type.

7. Click Done to save your changes.