Search for Outcome Set

The Outcome Sets screen lists all preloaded National Outcome Sets and additional National, State, and Local Outcome Sets that have been added at the institutional level. The Outcome Sets page enables you to search for a standard by name or by department.

Step 1: Access Outcome Sets

Step 1: Access Outcome Sets

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Outcome Sets.

Step 2: Search Outcome Sets

Step 2: Search Outcome Sets

On the Outcome Sets screen:

4. Click on the Search Outcome Sets option to expand the search feature.

Once the Search feature has expanded, you will have the options to:

5. Search by Group (department) by clicking the Choose Group button.

6. Enter the full or partial Name of the standard.

7. Under the Archived Versions heading, select if you would like to exclude hidden Outcome Sets, include hidden Outcome Sets or display hidden Outcome Sets only.

8. Click the Search button.

Step 3: Search Table

Step 3: Search Table

If your Outcomes Search returned too many results or if you would like to bypass the Outcomes Search process altogether:

9. Use the Search bar at the top, right corner of the table to perform a search by the Outcome Set's full, or partial name.