Run Agreement Report

Running an Agreement Report allows you to view the differences in assessments on the same submissions or files by various Assessors.

If using the Collective Review feature and Agreement Assessments, this report will enable you to view how many assessments were generated prior to an agreement having been reached.

Step 1: Access Assessment Instrument

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Assessment Instruments.

Step 2: Access the Agreement Report

4. Locate the Assessment Instrument for which you would like to run the report and click on it.

5. Select Agreement Report from the menu.

Step 3: Generate Report

6. Optionally change the Assessment Instrument or Department/Group.

7. Select the Dates for the report. Dates are based on the date the work was submitted or that the assessment was generated.

8. Click on the Generate Report button.

Step 4: View Report and Highlight Variance

9. The report results will appear in a table on the screen.

10. If you would like to highlight a variance, select the Threshold and 'Highlight if' options, then click the Highlight Variance button.

If you chose to highlight a variance, the area(s) matching your variance parameters will appear highlighted in red.