What is Collective Review?

Collective Review validates reporting on institiutional learning outcomes - across a single program or the entire campus - by ensuring randomized sampling, use of standard instruments, and juried assessment.

Why would I use Collective Review?

Collective Review solves the struggles of managing large-scale direct assessment of student work across multiple courses, programs, or an entire institution - without taxing faculty or administration.

It makes the collection of artifacts quick and easy by delegating the assembly of authentic student work (uploaded via secure URL link) to faculty or students (administrators can also upload files directly to the Collective Review tool in Anthology Portfolio).

It also avoids biased results by automating the random selection of student work. You can determine the percentage of the collected work you wish to assess or let the system determine the most statistically relevant sample set.

Collective Review produces dynamic reporting that lets you analyze student progress by assessment instrument or learning outcome, including interval reporting. You can also scale any report to a large campus-wide view or narrow down to individual student results. The results can be saved for easy recall, exported, and/or integrated with Planning.

How do I gain access to the Collective Review Tools in Anthology Portfolio?

If Collective Review has not yet been enabled in your Anthology Portfolio system and you are interested in large-scale artifact collection, true randomized sampling and/or direct assessment, please contact us by emailing [email protected] for more information.

Create Collective Review Assessments

Use the help page links below to learn more about how to create Collective Review assessments: