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Assessment Instrument Report with Assessor Comments

This help page will show you how to run a report by assessment instrument and how to include the name of the Assessor as well their comments. You can also include the date the work was submitted in your report using these steps.

Step 1: Access Results Analytics

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Reporting.

3. Select Results Analytics.

Step 2: Open Advanced Filters

4. Click on the Advanced Filters option.

Step 3. Select Report Scope

5. Use the List By drop-down menu to select Assessment Instrument.

6. Use the Statistics drop-down menu to select any option.

You must list by Assessment Instrument to include Assessor comments.

Step 3: Select Time Intervals

7. Click into the existing time interval fields to select your desired date range.

8. Click Apply after making your selection.

Step 4: Select Filter Options

All Filter Options are optional. Select only those that are desired for your specific report.

9. Click the Choose Instrument button to select the Assessment Instrument. This button may also be labelled Choose Outcome if you are running the report by Outcome Set.

10. Use the Table of Contents menu to select a specific Table of Contents and section(s) to use to filter the assessments in your report.

11. If you wish to filter the assessments by responses that you have collected on one of your Forms, you can choose to either "Filter by select individual responses" or "Compare responses for a single question". You will then be prompted to select the Form and the question(s) you wish to use for filtering or comparing.

12. If you wish to filter the assessments by the department or group to which the students belong, use the Choose button to make this selection.

13. If you wish to filter the assessments by Assessor, you can choose to "Filter by Assessor Department/Group", "Filter by Individual Assessor", or "Filter by Department Contact List".

14. The Assessment Volume option will allow you to select a minimum number of assessments that must exists for the select Assessment Instrument or Outcome Set in order to be included in your report.

Step 5: Select Calculation & Output Options

15. Calculation Options

  • In Case of Multiple Submissions: If more than one submission was made and scored, this option allows you to select to include all submissions, average student submission scores, use the latest student submission score, or use the earliest student submission score.
  • Filter by Date: This option allows you to select to filter by the date the submissions were made or the date the submissions were assessed.
  • Statistics Mode: This option allows you to select to display population or sample statistics.
  • Calculate Rubric Means Using: You have the option to calculate instrument means using Criterion scores or Overall scores.
  • Reliability Assessment Scores: If you have performed reliability tests using this assessment instrument you can select to include or exclude the reliability assessment scores.
  • Held Scores: This option allows you to decide whether or not you would like to include held scores in your report.
  • Resubmission Scores: This option allows you to choose whether you would like to include or exclude resubmission scores in your report.

16. Output Options

Select the output options you wish to include in your report by clicking on the associated checkboxes.

17. Pegging Scheme

If would like to apply a pegging scheme to the assessment instrument used for this report, use the drop-down menu to select the desired pegging scheme.

Step 6: Drill into Report to Add Assessor Comments

Step 3: Drill into Report to Add Assessor Comments

18. Click Browse.

19. Click on the line on the graph to produce the options menu.

20. Click on Related Information.

21. Click on Instrument Criterion Scores by Student/Date.

22. Click on Report Settings.

23. Scroll down to the Calculation & Output Options area and select Include Comments, and optionally Include Assessor and Include Date Submitted.

24. Click Generate Report.

Your report will now include the assessment instrument criterion and overall comments.