Edit Outcome Set

Although your system is created with preloaded National and State Outcome Sets, you may wish to enter other Outcome Sets at the institutional level. Once these Outcome Sets have been entered, you may return to them to make changes.

Step 1: Access Outcome Sets

Step 1: Access Outcome Sets

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Outcome Sets.

Step 2: Edit Outcome Set

Step 2: Edit Outcome Set

4. Locate the Outcome Set that you would like to edit, and click anywhere on its row to reveal its options. Select Edit.

On the Edit Outcome Set screen you are able to:

5. Edit the Outcome Set's Name.

6. Edit the Outcome Set's Parent Group.

7. Select whether or not the Outcome Set should be Hidden.

8. Edit the Outcome Set's Description.

9. Add a New Outcome.

10. Add Subsections, Edit, Move Down, or Delete an existing Outcome or Outcome Sub-Section.

Once you are satisfied with your changes:

11. Click Save.