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Confirm or Reject a Proposed Placement

Step 1: Access Placements

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Experiential Learning.

Step 2: Access Proposals for Review

3. Click on the Proposals for Review tab.

4. Locate the Placement that you would like to confirm or reject, and click anywhere on its row. Select Edit.

NOTE: If after editing the Placement you decide that you would like to reject it, come back to this screen to select 'Reject Proposal' from the Placement's options.

Step 3: Edit the Placement

Step 3: Edit the Field Placement

Review the Placement details.

If you do not like the Placement:

5. Click on the < button to return to the previous screen to reject the proposal.

If you do like the Placement, you must edit various aspects of it before saving and confirming. In order to save the Placement, you must:

  • Select a Site Assessor
  • Enter a Start Date, End Date, and Length (hrs)
  • Select a Department/Course
  • Select a Journal Template
  • Create Assessments

Once you have completed filling out the Placement:

6. Click Save.

Step 4: Confirm the Placement

Step 4: Confirm the Placement

Once the Placement has been saved with all of the pertinent details:

7. Click Confirm.