Results Analytics Overview

This online reporting feature allows you to generate, view, save, and export basic reports quickly and easily. The online reporting tool gives you access to multiple levels of detail when defining your report parameters, including start and end date time intervals and demographic and dispositional filters. You can easily select to view n, mean, median, standard deviation, and performance level distributions by count or percent.



To access the Results Live feature:

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Assessment.

3. Select Results Live.

To learn more, click on the report(s) below that interest you:

Point-in-Time Reporting provides a snapshot of student learning. This snapshot will give you information about how students are doing at a specific point in time. To learn more, please visit the Point-in-Time Reporting page.

Progress-Over-Time Reporting uses two PIT reports to compare how students' learning has changed from Point A to Point B. To learn more, please visit the Progress-Over-Time Reporting page.