Notification Templates

Notifications allow the Chalk & Wire system to communicate important information to users via email and/or system messages. Each system action that produces a notification has its own template which can be customized by an administrator to suit the needs of the institution. Notification actions include, but are not limited to: work to assess, completed assessment, request for a new password, survey to complete, etc.

Step 1: Access Notification Templates

Step 1: Access Notification Templates

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select System.

3. Select Notification Templates.

Step 2: Select Desired Notification Template

Step 2: Select and Edit Notification Template

4. Using the Template drop-down menu, select the template that you would like to edit. Once you have selected a template, the other options on the screen will change based on your selection.

After selecting the desired template, a description will be provided to indicate which action triggers that specific notification.

Step 3: Edit Notification Template


5. Select the Message Type. This dictates how the Chalk & Wire users will receive this notification.

6. Edit the Notification Template's Subject.

7. Edit the Notification Template's Content/Body.

8. Click Save.

Available Tags

NOTE: Use the Available Tags section at the bottom of the Notification Templates page. The tags will enable you to enter where you would like, for example, a User ID to appear, without having to actually add a User ID each time a notification needs to be sent.