Accept Workspace Invitation

If you are invited to a Collaborative Workspace, rather than having created one, you will see a notification appear on your Dashboard. The notification will provide you with the option to accept or decline the invitation. If accepted, you will be granted access to the workspace.

Step 1: Locate News & Recent Activity

1. Locate the News & Recent Activity heading on your Dashboard.

2. Locate the workspace invitation. Use the Accept or Decline button to accept or decline the invitation.

If you decline the invitation, no further action is required. If accepted, continue reading this help page.

Step 2: Review Workspace

If you accepted the invitation, CWPro will automatically direct you to the Collaboration feature in your account.

Learn how to add content to your workspace here, and learn about workspace options here.

How do I Access Collaboration Later On?

Use the Main Menu to select Work, and then select Collaboration.