Navigating your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the main landing page for your Anthology Portfolio account and displays information about your performance, shortcuts to portfolios and surveys, and more.

Use the tabs across the top of the Dashboard page to access the different sections. If you would prefer to have a specific tab appear when you log in instead of the Overview tab, click on the tab and then click Make Default Tab.

Review the sections below to learn more about each Dashboard tab:


1. Review any Invitations to Collaborative Workspaces and/or Newsflashes from the System Administrator.

2. Accept or Decline any invitations.

3. View or Dismiss any newsflashes.

4. Show Newsflashes that have previously been dismissed.

5. Review and access your Recently Edited Portfolios.

6. Review and access your Field Placements.

The graph is interactive! Click on different points to change the content that appears below.

7. Select what information you would like highlighted on the graph: All Assessment Instruments, or specific instruments with which your work has been assessed.

8. Review the content that you selected on the graph. You can click on the different criteria to see how you were scored and the related outcomes.


1. Select whether you would like to view Recently Edited portfolios, or portfolios on your Watch List.

2. The portfolios will be listed below. Locate the one that you would like to work on or review information for.

3. Review the Progress of the portfolio. The progress is related to how many pages can be submitted vs. how many pages are submitted.

4. Click on a Portfolio Page to continue working on it.

Pending Assessments

Most commonly, you will not see this tab on your Dashboard. The tab will only appear if you have an incomplete or pending Self-Assessment.

1. Review how many Pending Assessments and Incomplete Assessments you have.

2. Locate the appropriate pending assessment, and click on it to reveal its options.

3. Select Assess.


1. Select the Outcome Performance tab.

2. Review the various outcomes that your work has impacted.

3. Use the arrow to drop-down additional information on the specific outcome.

4. Drop-down additional information on the sub-outcome to see your work's impact on a more granular level.

1. Select the Assessment Instrument Performance tab.

2. Review the various Assessment Instruments that have been used to assess your work. You can see how the assessment of your work compares to the assessments of others.

3. Click on the number in the # Assessments column to view the assessments contributing to the mean.


1. Review how many Overdue, Due Today, and Due Within 7 Days items are in your account.

2. If you have any items listed, you can access them from this page by clicking on the assignment link.


1. New, Updated, and Completed surveys will appear for you to Take, Edit, or Update.