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3. Add Content to Your Portfolio: Import Content

When creating a professional portfolio, you will likely want to add work that you have previously uploaded to Anthology Portfolio. Rather than uploading all of the work again, you can simply import the work from another portfolio, collaborative workspace, or assignment.

Step 1: Access the Import Content Feature

1. Click on the Import Content button, which can be found on the right-hand side of your portfolio page.

Step 2: Select Content to Import

You may import content from any Portfolio, Workspace, or Assignment within your account.

2. Select from where you would like to import content.

The 'Choose a Portfolio/Workspace/Assignment' drop-down menu will change depending on your selection above.

3. Select the Portfolio/Workspace/Assignment from which you would like to import content.

4. Select the section of the Portfolio/Workspace/Assignment that contains the content that you would like to import. Sections that do not contain content will not be selectable.

Step 3: Import Selected Content & Return to Portfolio Page

5. Click Import.

A confirmation message will appear in green.

6. Click Return to return to your portfolio page and review the imported content.