2. Create a Journal Entry

If you are meant to complete journal entries within a Placement, DO NOT USE THE JOURNALS FEATURE. Please use the Placements feature to complete your journal entries. Instructions can be found HERE.

1. Access the Journals Feature

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Work.

3. Select Journals.

2. Create a New Journal (if one does not already exist)

On the Journals screen, start a new journal or edit an existing one. These instructions will show you how to start a new journal.

4. Enter a Name for the new journal.

5. Select a Journal Template for the new journal.

Not Sure which Journal Template to Use?

Your instructor should have provided you with this information. If you are uncertain of which template to use, please contact your instructor or local Anthology Portfolio Administrator.

6. Click on the Start New Journal button.

3. Start a New Journal Entry

The screen will refresh with new options.

7. Click on the New Journal Entry button.

4. Complete the Journal Entry

The form will appear in a pop-up window on your screen.

8. Review and complete the journal questions. While it is good practice to complete ALL questions, any that are not marked 'required' may be left blank.

9. Once you have answered all of the journal questions, click Save & Continue.

A message will appear to confirm your save.

10. Click Close.

5. Proceed to Another Entry OR Edit an Existing Entry

The screen will refresh again, this time displaying your newly created journal entry. Now, you can either:

11. Create a New Journal Entry.


12. Edit or Delete an existing entry.