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Apply for a Vacant Placement

If you are required to apply for a vacant placement, you will use the Placement Finder to facilitate this process.

NOTE: The Placement Finder does not need to be used by students if the local administrator is setting up Placements for each student, in which case they will automatically appear on the My Placements screen. If you are unsure if you should be applying to, or proposing Placements, check your My Placements screen first and/or contact your local Anthology Portfolio (formerly Chalk & Wire) administrator to inquire.

Step 1: Access Placement Finder

Step 1: Access Field Placement Finder

To begin searching for vacant placements or locations to propose:

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Work.

3. Select Placement Finder.

Step 2: Pick Method

Step 2: Pick Method

On the main Placement Finder screen:

4. Select the I Want to Search for and Apply for Unfilled Placements option.

Step 3: Find a Location

Step 3: Find a Location

In order to search for a vacant placement, you will first need to ensure that you have entered your location.

5. Click on the Where I'm Located button to drop-down additional information.

6. Use one of the three location methods provided: Search Using My Profile's Address, Search Using Another Location, Search Using Browser-Detected Location.

NOTE: If you are searching for a location near to where you live, the options "Search Using My Profile's Address", or "Browser-Detected Location". If you are using your profile's address, be sure to update your address and click "Update My Profile".

7. Select your search parameters: To search for open placements you do not have to select information for all parameters, but doing so will help to refine your search if many vacant placements exist. You have the option to search by 'Start Date', 'Search Radius', 'Department/Group', and 'Tags'.

8. Click Find Placements.

Step 4: Apply for Placement

Step 4: Apply for Placement

9. Click on the appropriate placement to reveal its options. Select Apply.

10. Fill in the application form by completing all questions.

11. Click Submit Application when finished.

Step 5: Placement Confirmation

Step 5: Field Placement Confirmation

Your application will be confirmed and you can use the My Placements screen to track your application status. To apply for another placement, click the Find Another Placement button.