Log In to Your Account

This lesson will walk you through the process of logging in to your account. If you have followed the steps below and are still having difficulty, please refer to our Forgot Your Password? help page.

NOTE: Please note that some institutions are integrated with learning management systems and do not require you to log in directly to Anthology Portfolio (formerly Chalk & Wire). If your school uses this type of integration, please use your learning management system to access your content.

Step 1: Enter User ID & Password

1. Enter your User ID or Email Address associated with your account.

2. Enter your Password.

3. Click Login.

If you are having difficulty logging in, please ensure that the logo at the top of the login screen is that of your institution. If not, it is possible that you are at another institution's login screen and will need to navigate to your institution's Anthology Portfolio site to make another attempt to log in. If you are at the correct site, please use the Forgot Your Password? link and follow the on-screen steps.

Step 2: Accept Legal Agreement (if applicable)

If you have already accessed your account and agreed to our legal agreement, you may skip this step.

If this is your first time accessing your account, you will need to read and accept the legal agreement for using Anthology Portfolio. Once you have read the agreement:

4. Select I agree.

5. Click Continue.

Step 3: Arrive in Account

Step 3: Arrive in Account

Once you have successfully entered your login ID/email address and password, you will be redirected to the main screen in your account: the Dashboard.