1. Submit Work for Assessment

Self-Assessments occur when you submit work from a portfolio that requires you to grade or reflect on your own work. This type of assessment is provided to the student automatically upon completion of the submission process. Students use the Self-Assessment rubric provided to select scores and may also add comments. Once completed, the self-assessment will be transferred to the designated assessor for review.

Step 1: Submit your Work

Once you have added all required work to the portfolio page, then a Submit When Ready tag will appear on your submission page. If the Submit When Ready tag is not shown on your page after adding your content, then please make sure that all required content has been added to the portfolio page and that all add content windows have been closed.

1. Click on the Submit button.

Step 2: Enter Instructor and Submit

Step 2: Enter Instructor and Submit

2. Portfolio & Page: In the first section of the "Submit Portfolio" page, you will see an overview of which portfolio and section you are submitting.

3. Assessment Instrument & Assessor: In the section section of the "Submit Portfolio" page you will see which rubric you are submitting to, and which assessor will review your self-assessment once you have completed it.

NOTE: If there are multiple instruments linked or assessors available, you may be required to select the instrument and/or type in the assessor's name.

4. Enter the name of the assessor/instructor who will review your self assessment. As you type, their name will appear in a drop-down menu. Once the name has been selected, it will appear next to a checkmark.

5. After making the appropriate selections, click Submit.