Add Profile Information

Your profile will always include your first and last name and email address. This information is required for your account to exist. You can also add, however, a profile image and additional contact information.

Creating a profile is important, especially if you will be partaking in a Placement. The addition of your mailing address will allow for, school workflows permitting, the application to nearby Placements.

Step 1: Access Your Profile

Step 1: Access Your Profile

Your name will appear in the top, right corner of every screen within your account.

1. Click on your name to access a drop-down menu, and select My Profile.

Step 2: Edit Your Profile

Step 2: Edit Your Profile

A pop-up contact card will appear.

2. Use the Profile Actions menu to select Edit Profile.

On the My Profile screen, you are able to:

3. Upload a Profile Image by first clicking on the Choose File button, and then (once you have selected a file) clicking on the Upload button.

4. If you already have a Profile Image but are dissatisfied with it, select the Clear Profile Image on Save option, and then save your profile. This will remove the image.

5. Your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are all required information. If you would like to make changes to your required information, you may do so here.

6. Optionally enter your Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, and Skype ID.

Once you are satisfied with all of your changes,

7. Click Save Profile.