Edit an Image

The Image Editor provides users with basic image editing functions like cropping, resizing, and changing the orientation. In addition to the basic functions, however, it also provides effects (filters), frames, text, and more. The editor functions very similarly to popular app-based image editors, making the learning curve almost non-existant.

Step 1: Access My Coursework

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select My Coursework.

Access the appropriate portfolio from the My Portfolios table.

3. Click anywhere on the portfolio's row in the table to reveal its options. Select Edit Portfolio.

Step 3: Access the Image

4. Locate and select the appropriate Portfolio Page. The page will slide onto your screen from the right.

5. Locate the appropriate image on the portfolio page and click on its Tools icon.

6. Select Edit.

Step 4: Edit the Image

The image editor will appear on your screen.

7. Use the Rotate button to rotate the image.

8. Use the drag options at the bottom or side of the image to crop the image.

9. Use the zoom option at the bottom of the image to zoom in on a specific area on the image.

10. When finished click Save.