4. Assess and Comment on Instrument

Step 1: Select Criterion for Assessment

1. Select which criterion you would like to assess by using the Select Specific Criteria drop-down menu, or the PREV and NEXT buttons.

Step 2: Assign Performance Level to Criterion

Hover your cursor over the performance levels for the criterion to view their descriptions. Once you have decided which performance level will be selected,

2. Click on the Performance Level to select it. Once selected, it will appear in green.

NOTE: A purple dot at the top right corner of a performance level box indicates the Assessment Reference Score feature has been enabled by your school. This feature allows you to see which performance level was selected for this student and this rubric on the previous assessment.

Depending on the setting selected by your school for this feature, the reference score may only pertain to assessments that you have completed or to those completed by other assessors. If you do not see a purple dot, then your school has not enabled this feature.

Step 3: Comment on Criterion

3. Enter a Criterion-Specific comment.

4. Alternatively, use the Comment Suggestions feature. This feature will provide you with previous comments left on this criterion when the same performance level was selected, as well as your most frequent comments across all criteria and instruments.

If you are using the Comment Suggestions feature,

5. Select whether you would like to view Criterion Comments OR Frequent Comments.

6. Use the Arrows to move through the available comments.

7. When you see the comment that you would like to apply, click on it.

The assessment for the criterion is complete when you have selected a performance level and left a criterion-specific comment. In order to move on to the next criterion,

8. Click on the NEXT button.

Repeat Step 1 through 3 until all criteria have been assessed and commented on.

Step 4: Leave an Overall Comment

Ensuring that the Overall Comments tab is selected,

9. Enter an Overall Comment for the assessment.