6. Save Assessment

Once you have finished scoring and commenting on the assessment, you will need to save it in order for it to appear as 'complete'. If your school has enabled LMS Gradebook, you will have the option to save an LMS grade in addition to the regular assessment score.

Step 1: Save Assessment

1. Click on the green Save button to save the assessment.

If you have not finished the assessment but would like to save your progress, use the Save as Draft option, instead.

A message will appear in green to indicate that the assessment has been saved, and provide you with the final score.

Step 2: Optionally Save Grade to LMS

If the assessment was created by a submission via LMS integration, you will have the option to save a Final Grade %. This is the grade that will be pushed back to the LMS gradebook.

System Administrators can enable a feature that will auto-populate the Final Grade % field. If this occurs, the grade will be based on the performance level selections in Chalk & Wire but may be edited if you think a different grade should be entered.

Assessors can confirm that the submission is correctly aligned with their LMS assignment and adjust the selection if the student did not submit the assignment via the correct LTI link.

A dropdown displays all possible LMS assignment options, with a highlighted "green" option suggesting the most likely match. Assessors can choose this suggestion or select another option based on their knowledge.

  • If a submission isn't aligned correctly, assessors will see a dropdown menu displaying all possible LMS assignment options. They will also be presented with a message letting them know that a match for this submission could not be located and a choice is required.
  • If a submission is aligned correctly, assessors will see a list with only the assignments that match.  A green highlighted option suggests the most likely match, based on the submission details. The correct LMS assignment option will be selected automatically. Assessors can choose the green suggestion or select another option that fits their knowledge.  
  • Assessors also have the option to choose "None. Don't Send Grade." if they do not want to send the grade to the LMS but would like to still save the LMS grade in Portfolio.

2. Enter the Final Grade % by typing in the text-entry box.

3. Click Save.