4. Set Notify & Release Options

Administrators have the ability to lock their own selections in place, disabling Assessors from making changes to the Notify & Release Options. You will still see which options are selected, but will not be able to make different selections.

Ensuring that the Notify & Release Options tag is selected,

1. Select the Notify options:

  • Yes: If you choose to notify the student, an email will be sent to alert them of the completed assessment. If you have also chosen to release the results, the student will be able to view the completed assessment from the My Results screen.
  • No: You can also choose not to notify the student, which means they will not receive an email when the assessment is completed.
  • Notify only When Results Released: This option should be selected if you do not want to notify the student that the assessment is completed until you decide to release the results. In this case, you would be selecting to hold the results of the assessment as well. Only when the results are released will the student be notified of the completed assessment.
  • Notify after Final Escalation Level Complete: This option should be select if the student's work will be sent through escalation, and you would not like for them to see their score until all assessments in the escalation process have been completed.

2. Select the Release options:

  • Immediately: If this option is selected, clicking the Save button, will trigger the release of the completed assessment results. Students will be able to access their results from the My Results screen immediately.
  • Never: This option will prevent students from ever seeing the results of the assessment.
  • Held until released: This option will prevent the results of the completed assessment from being released when completed and will hold the results on your Unreleased Assessments screen until you decide to release them.
  • After final escalation level complete: This option will release the results when the final level of escalation for the instrument has been completed.