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Create New Assessment During Assessment

Step 1: Create New Assessment

1. Click on the Create New Assessment button, located under the Overall Comments box.

Step 2: Select Instrument for New Assessment

2. Click on the Choose New Instrument button to select the Assessment Instrument for the new assessment.

How do I choose an instrument?

1. Use the Sources column to select the department in which the instrument resides.

Locate the instrument in the middle, 'Assessment Instrument' column.

2. Drag-and-drop or click Add Selected to move the instrument into the third, 'Chosen Instrument' column.

3. Click Done.

Once an Instrument has been selected,

3. Click on the Create Assessment button.

Step 3: View/Access New Assessment

The two assessments, which you can toggle between, will appear at the top of the assessment interface. When one of the assessments has been completed, the final score will appear next to its name.