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Request Resubmission from Student

To help streamline communication between Assessors and Students as well as to aid in closing the "feedback loop", you can request a resubmission from a Student. This option allows you to give the Student an opportunity to improve their work and resubmit it for assessment before providing them with a final grade.

This is a great tool for assessments where a final grade is not yet the goal or cannot yet be awarded (work does not yet meet requirements), but feedback is desired and changes/improvements are expected to occur before a final grade is awarded. Only the final submission in a string of one or more resubmissions will be available for reporting.

When a resubmission request is initiated, the Student will receive an email notification. Resubmission requests also appear on the Student's CWPro Dashboard and when viewing the details of a completed assessment. 

Step 1: Complete Assessment

A resubmission may be requested after you have reviewed the Student's work and provided scores for each criterion. If you are uncertain of how to assess student work, please visit the following pages prior to continuing with this help page:

1. Access Pending Assessments

2. Review Assessment Interface

3. Comment on Submitted Content

4. Assess and Comment on Instrument


Step 2: Request Resubmission

1. Select the Request Resubmission checkbox at the bottom of the assessment instrument. The Overall Comments field becomes mandatory. Enter a mandatory Overall Comment.

Note: If you have scored all criteria in the rubric you will also be presented with a "Make Resubmission Optional" checkbox. This option will allow the student to decline to resubmit, if desired.

2. Click on the Request Resubmission button, which will have taken the place of the usual Save button.

The student will then receive an email and Dashboard notification that you have requested a resubmission.

Resubmissions may not be requested if:

  • the assessment has been previously completed (reassessments are not eligible)
  • the assessment was sent to an assessor pool
  • the assessment is part of an escalation chain
  • the assessment was transferred to a new assessment instrument and/or assessor
  • the assessment is collaborative
  • the assessment is the result of a supplemental instrument

If you do not see the "Request Resubmission" option in your assessment interface, it is likely the result of one of these parameters.

Step 3: Access Resubmission Assessment Results

If you wish to view all resubmission assessments, including the final assessment, you can do so via the Student Results screen.

1. Click on the Main Menu Icon.

2. Click on the Reporting option.

3. Select the Student Results option.

4. Click on the Results Search option.

5. Using the Resubmission Requests menu select the Include Resubmission Requests option.

6. Click Search.