Product Release Notes— April 2023

New Reporting Tool: Assessment for All Standards Report

What's new:  

• The Assessment for All Standards page is now available. This page allows Admin Users to easily pull all of their submitted assessments data.    

• The reporting functionality on this page has been improved to provide a more holistic view of student submissions.

How to use:    

• To access the Assessment for All Standards page, go to Menu> Reporting > Assessment for All Standards.    

• From the Assessment for All Standards page, you can:        

  • Select time parameters to filter your results by specific timeframes or the length of the institution's run.
  • Pull multiple submissions at once. You can choose to include all submissions, view the average student score, or see the latest/earliest/highest/lowest student score.
  • Identify the assessment type.        
  • Filter by department/group.
  • Filter by campaigns.
  • The Assessment for All Standards can be exported into Excel TSV, RAW XML, or Excel EXML.                        

Learn more about this option by visiting the help guide