Product Release Notes—August 2021

Experiential Learning—Bulk Placement Import and Update

We want to make it faster and easier for you to manage and track Experiential Learning activities, such as field placements, medical clinical experiences, and internships at scale. 

That’s why we’ve recently released a new placement importer that will not only let you create placements at scale but continuously bulk update placement details after creation. 

This new option is available as a new interface within the System menu in Anthology Portfolio. A Public API to support programmatic import is also available upon request. 

Take advantage of the key benefits of this new importer, including:

  • a more streamlined interface for importing and updating placements in bulk. 
  • external stakeholder creation during placement import
  • historical data management with new statuses such as ‘completed’ available during import very larger import batch support with options to schedule data import

Learn more about this option by visiting the help guide