Product Release Notes —September 2020

We understand that supporting students is important to your authentic assessment activities. As such, the product development team has been working to improve the student submission workflow by providing more feedback to the student as they complete and submit their work in Chalk & Wire.

Content Requirements

We've made it clearer to the student when pages have specific work items and content that is required for submission. The portfolio page's Content Requirements are now listed in a drop-down area next to the 'Add Content' drop-down when editing a portfolio page.

Additionally, if the page has content requirements, an additional stage has been added to the submission status indicator at the top of the portfolio content area. The submission status bar will not progress and submission will not be possible until all page content requirements are added.

Submission Bar—Staged Status Indicators

The portfolio content and submission progress bar has been updated to include staged indicators of page editing and submission status. The adjustments to the interface include color adjustments, graphic icons and contextual text labels to more clearly indicate to the user whether they've submitted their work for assessment and review and/or when they last did so.

We hope these changes save both students and faculty time and effort and ultimately make it easier for users like you to collect the data you need to better understand and support student learning at your institution.