Product Release Notes— March 2023

Update to "Search Placement" in Experiential Learning

The Placement page within Experiential Learning will now expand the "Search Placement" options instead of automatically loading an institution's entire placement roster. This will give users more control over their search results and allow them to find placements that are more relevant to their interests and needs.

  • Users will have the option to modify their search criteria or select "Search" to populate their roster. This will allow users to tailor their search results to find placements that meet their specific requirements.
  • The start date will now automatically populate four months from the day of search unless the date is modified by the user. This will make it easier for users to find placements that are available in the near future.
  • Selecting the "Make These Options My Default" will make the search parameters the default setting when the user returns to search for placements. This will save users time and effort by allowing them to quickly and easily find placements that meet their needs.

  • What's new: If the results on the "Search Placement" exceed 10k placements, the user will receive a message "Search exceeds the maximum allowable results. Please refine your search criterion or export all placements by using the Schedule Placement Exports."
  • Why this change was made: This change was made to improve the overall search performance and usage in Portfolio. By limiting the number of results to 10k, we can ensure that searches are more efficient and that users are able to find the information they need more quickly.
  • How this change will affect users: Users will now see a message if their search results exceed 10k placements. This message will provide them with two options: they can either refine their search criteria or export all placements by using the Schedule Placement Exports.
  • What users need to do: Users should be aware of this change and should plan their searches accordingly. If they are looking for a large number of placements, they may need to refine their search criteria or export all placements.

Learn more about this option by visiting the help guide