Product Release Notes—September 2019

One of Chalk & Wire's goals for 2019 has been to increase efficiency and make workflows easier for our partners!

With a new school year upon us, we are happy to announce some new development items that align with these goals.

ePortfolio File Uploader—UI Updates

After receiving feedback from our member campuses we did research and worked to streamline the file uploading process while editing the portfolio. The result is a reduction in the number of required clicks while uploading. We have also adjusted labels to make it clearer that the user is inserting files into their portfolio.

File Uploader—Google Drive Integration

For users of Google Drive we are pleased to offer a new Google Drive integration. This is now available when adding files to the ePortfolio or File Library. When adding files from Google Drive a copy of the file will be added to Chalk & Wire.

Collective Review - Basic Campaign Multiple Dispatch

Collective Review  was released this past spring and we have already received valuable feedback from member campuses that are making use of this tool. For users making use of 'Basic' Collective Review campaigns the feature has been updated to allow for more than one dispatch event per campaign. This will lessen the number of separate campaigns required to manage your manual pairings, and allows administrators to adjust their campaigns more easily should they have an error in their pairing list.

Placement Location Data - Centralized

Our placement location (NCES) data is now stored centrally for increased consistency and speedier updates.

User Management—New and Renewal Code Distinction Deprecated

There is no longer a need to distinguish between New User Codes and Renewal Codes. As such, all applicable code types will now support the addition of new users, updates and upgrades of existing users, and the renewal of expired users. 

About the update process...

Updates are undertaken in batches, at night, during non-office hours. All active sites will be updated starting at 12AM on Wednesday, September 11th.

Your data is transferred directly. Updates do not pose a threat to existing portfolio, assessment or reporting data.