Product Release Notes—November 2021

Experiential Learning—Placement Search Filtering

We recently updated the Status and Candidate filters to make filtering placements more intuitive.

Experiential Learning Data Exports

Exports Currently in Preview

To better serve your offline reporting and system synchronization needs, Portfolio has two new options for exporting placement data.

Placement List Exports

Placement Administrators can now bulk generate tab-separated exports directly from the placement search screen using a new drop menu. Users have the option to generate the export using the selected columns from the filter panel, or alternatively may export every available column.

Scheduled Comprehensive Exports

Do you require something more detailed with complex machine-readable data? Do you also want the associated rubric assessments and surveys?

To assist with these more robust workflows, you can now build and manage automated scheduled exports of JSON data that can then be imported into other student tracking systems and business intelligence platforms.

Just add a configuration, specify options such as department filtering, completion status and date ranges, and save the schedule.

Each run will build a zip file available for download that contains two JSON data exports:

  1. A detailed manifest file summarizing each placement
  2. Individual JSON files for each placement containing all of the related data for the placement including planned assessment results down to the criterion scores, survey responses, and journal entries.