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Product Release Notes—January & February 2023

Additional Customize URL & Blackboard Connection Indication

Two additional “Customizable URL” are available in Portfolio. Admin Users can go to the sit setting section in Portfolio and have the option to add three customizable links that will be placed in the "Menu" and navigate to specific destination assigned for that Custom URL.

  • What's new: Two additional “Customizable URL” are available in Portfolio.
  • Why this change was made: This change was made to give Admin Users more flexibility in customizing the Portfolio interface.
  • How this change will affect users: Admin Users can now add three customizable links to the Portfolio menu. These links can be used to navigate to any page or URL on the web.
  • What users need to do: Admin Users can add new Custom Links by going to the Site Settings page and clicking the "Add Custom Link" button.

A new UI indication will be available for Blackboard users, to know if they are connected to Blackboard when in Portfolio. "Connected to Blackboard as: *****" will be available for the user to see when they are connected via the API.

This only applies to the API integration with Blackboard and will be helpful in troubleshooting any connectivity issues.

Learn more about this option by visiting the help guide