1. Access Portfolio via Resubmission Request

Step 1: View Assessment Details

When you log in to your account after having received an email regarding a resubmission requirement, you will see a notification on your CWPro Dashboard.

1. Click on the Assessment Details within the notification to access the details from the initial assessment.

Step 2: Review Assessment

2. A message will appear at the top of the Assessment Details page to indicate that a resubmission has been requested.

Overall Comment

Assessors are required to leave information in the Overall Comment box to explain why they have requested a resubmission.

3. Review the comment made in the Overall Comment box.

Criterion-Specific Comments

Your Assessor may have also left more specific comments in the criterion-specific comments. Review any/all of the Criterion-Specific Comments column.

Step 3: Navigate to Portfolio Page

Once you have reviewed all of the information and are ready to make changes to your work and resubmit,

5. Click on the Update Work and Resubmit button.