Save Report

Once you have set up your report and generated it, you can save your report for future reference.  If you have not yet set up and/or generated a report, please see the Getting Started: Set Up Your Report help page first.

When looking to save a report, you must decide whether you'd like to save the report parameters, in which case you would not run the report prior to saving it. If you would like to have the option to save the data and embed it in a portfolio, you must generate the report prior to saving.

Why would I save the parameters without running the report?
This option will allow you to save a common report that you intend to run again with slightly different selections.

Step 1: Save Report As

How to Save Your Report

1. Enter your report parameters and optionally generate your report. Click the Save New... button at the top, right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Name and Save Report

2. Enter a Name for the saved report.

3. If you would like for other eligible CWPro users to access your report (Administrators), select the Add to Site Library option.

4. If you would like to store the report data and make the data available for embedment in portfolios, select the Store Data & Can Be Embedded Option.

This option is ONLY available on generated reports. If you generate the report prior to saving, you will be able to store the data and make it available for embedment. If you saved report parameters without generating the report, you cannot store the data and embed it in a portfolio.

5. Click on the Save Report or Save Changes (depending on whether or not this was a prior-saved report).

If your institution also uses the Campus Labs Planning software, you have the option to pull reports saved in Chalk & Wire into Planning.

In order to select a saved report from Chalk & Wire, the Planning user must be the user in Chalk & Wire who generated and saved the report.

The reports pulled into Planning from Chalk & Wire are static data sets. If you update the report or generate a new report on the same data set, you will need to pull it into Planning again.

For more information about adding your saved reports to Planning, please visit the Planning help page for adding Chalk & Wire data sources.