Import Using Your Own Spreadsheet

There may be instances when your institution will require the importing of assessment scores gathered outside of Chalk & Wire or legacy assessment data generated prior to acquiring Chalk & Wire as your assessment system. This workflow will walk you through how to prepare the assessment data using your own spreadsheet for importing into Chalk & Wire as well as the import process.

Step 1: Gather Correct Information

First, you must gather all of the appropriate information. This will include the student name(s), the number of criteria in the instrument, and the corresponding scores for each student.

Step 2: Create Excel File

Step 2: Create Excel File

Create an Excel file where:

1. Column A = Student's first and last name, User ID, or Student Number.

2. Columns B+ = Scores for corresponding criteria

In addition to scores, you may enter comments for each criterion. Simply create a new column after the criterion's score column and enter the comment. 

Step 3: Access the Assessment Screen

Step 1: Access the Assessment Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Assessment.

3. Select Assess.

Step 4: Import Assessments

Step 2: Import Assessments

4. Click on the Tools icon.

5. Select Import Assessments.

Step 3: Build Import Options

5. Click on the Choose Instrument button to select the rubric that you would like to use for the Assessment.

6. Use the Choose an Assessor drop-down menu to select an assessor, or leave your own name selected.

7. Click Continue.

Step 4: Enter Assessment Data

9. Select the Response Date (today's date will be listed as the default)

10. Select to Hold Results if you would like to hold the results. If not, leave this option unselected.

11. Select the type of Delimiter that you would like to use. If you are pasting content from an MS Excel file, select the 'tab' delimiter.

12. Enter or paste the Delimited Assessment Data into the text box.

13. Click Continue.

14. Define the columns (student, criterion that correspond with scores, comments, etc.) that are present in the text box by using the appropriate drop-down menu.

15. Click Continue.

Step 5: Import Confirmation

Step 6: Import Confirmation

Your import will be confirmed in green.