1. Access Pending Assessments

This lesson will teach you how to locate a Regular Assessment. A Regular Assessment occurs when a Student submits work to their Assessor, and the work is assessed directly within Chalk & Wire. The Assessment Instrument and student work are presented together on the same screen, where the assessor chooses a level for each criterion, and can leave various types of comments.

Step 1: Access Your Pending Assessments

There are two ways to access your Pending Assessments:

  • Using the Pending Assessments tab on your Dashboard
  • Using the Assessment menu to select Assess
Option 1: Access Pending Assessments via Dashboard
Option 2: Access Pending Assessments via Pending Assessments Tab

1. Click on the Pending Assessments tab on your Dashboard.

2. Click on the pending assessment and select Assess from the resulting menu.

Option 2: Access Pending Assessments via Assessment Menu
Main Menu

1. Click on the Main Menu Icon.

2. Click on the Assessment option.

3. Select Assess.

4. Locate the appropriate pending assessment, and click anywhere on the row to reveal its options. Select Assess.