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Create a Checklist Assessment Instrument

While checklists have little statistical value, they are useful to assure that requirements have been met. Assessors score the student by providing a value within the range set on the criterion.

Step 1: Access Assessment Instruments

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Click on the Curriculum option.

3. Select Assessment Instruments.

Step 2: Create a New Assessment Instrument

4. Click the New Assessment Instrument button.

5. Enter a Name for the instrument.

6. Select the Parent Group for the instrument by clicking on the Choose Group button.

7. Optionally enter a Description for the instrument.

8. Select the Checklist scoring type.

9. Click Save.

Step 3: Edit 'Criterion 1'

Our system will automatically provide you with your first criterion ("Criterion 1") when creating a new Assessment Instrument. This criterion should not remain untouched, but should instead be used as a starting point for your instrument. To edit Criterion 1:

10. Hover your cursor over the green "Criterion 1" box to reveal its options. Click on the Edit icon.

11. Enter a new Name for the criterion.

12. Optionally adjust the Weight.

13. Optionally select if this criterion will be Excluded from Assessment Score.

Why Would I Exclue a Criterion from the Score?

This feature is useful if you would like to asess a student on an outcome but would not like for the score to be considered in the assessment.  The performance level selected for this criterion during assessment will impact the outcome, but not the assessment.

14. Optionally add Tags to the criterion.

15. Enter a Description for the criterion.

16. Click Save.

Step 4: Create New Criteria

17. Click on the Add Criterion button and repeating steps 4 and 5.

Step 5: Edit the Criterion

29. Optionally edit the criterion Name.

30. Optionally edit the Weight.

31. Optionally select if this criterion will be Excluded from Assessment Score.

32. Optionally add Tags to the criterion.

33. Edit the Description.

34. Click Save.

Next Steps...

Continue editing the assessment instrument by adding new criteria until you are finished.