Bulk-Confirm Field Placements

After having created a Field Placement, the Administrator must confirm the Field Placement to release it to the users involved. If a Field Placement is not released, the candidate will not be able to begin recording hours nor will Assessors be able to complete assessments or surveys.

The Bulk-Confirm Field Placements tool is especially useful if you, as an Administrator, have used the Field Placement Importer and must confirm multiple Field Placements at once. 

Step 1: Access Field Placements

1. Click on the Main Menu.

2. Select Field Placements.

Step 2: Enable Bulk Actions

3. Click on the Show Bulk Actions button.

Step 3: Confirm Field Placement(s)

4. Use the "Confirm" checkbox in the table header to select all possible Field Placements eligible for confirmation.

- OR -

5. Use the individual checkboxes next to eligible Field Placements to confirm individual Field Placement(s).

6. Click on the Confirm button to confirm all "checked" Field Placements.

Once the Field Placement(s) have been confirmed, a green message will appear to confirm the action.