Support DocumentationAdministrator Send File Assessments1. Optionally Set Agreement Range Threshold

1. Optionally Set Agreement Range Threshold

If the same file is sent to multiple Assessors for assessment, disagreement in criterion-scoring can be immediately identified and reported. If agreement is required or desired, file assessments can be automatically re-sent to the same Assessors for re-assessment when there is assessor disagreement that exceeds the agreement range threshold score set on the assessment instrument.

If you would like to use the Agreement Assessment aspect of File Assessments, you must first set an agreement range threshold on any of the Assessment Instruments that will be used in File Assessments. The threshold will determine what constitutes an agreement or disagreement, thereby ending the assessment process or generating new assessments until an agreement is reached.

Step 1: Access the Assessment Instruments Screen

1. Click on the Main Menu icon.

2. Select Curriculum.

3. Select Assessment Instruments.

Step 2: Edit the Assessment Instrument

Locate the Assessment Instrument to which you would like to enable and apply an Agreement Range Threshold.

4. Click on the Assessment Instrument and select Edit.

Step 3: Enable Agreement Assessments

Under the 'File Assessment' Agreement heading,

5. Select Enable Agreement Assessments.

Step 4: Select Agreement Range Threshold

Using the drop-down menu,

6. Select the Agreement Range Threshold. New assessments will be genereated when the agreement range threshold exceeds the value selected.